Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Combinations are the future

Jeff Weber
Combinations in progress

Keynote 022 -Pembrolizumab in combination with Dabrafenib and Trametinib - safety and trial design reported at ASCO2016
Ipilimumab + IDO inhibitors
Pembrolizumab +Epacadostat (IDO inhibitor) phase I/II

Early clinical combinations -small studies including more cancers but signals for efficacy in melanoma.
Pembrolizumab + OX40
Pembrolizumab + atezolizumab


Future trials will combine immunotherapies with agents that are able to infiltrate cells into the tumors, generate T cells or T cells with improved features or increase the capacity to recognise tumors.

Jason  Luke -
Novel cytokine approach
Oncolytic viruses and innate immune tumor sensing
STING agonists
Immune system was design to eliminate the infections
Phase I trial Sting trial
viral therapies - local and distant effects
considered also for brain metastasis
Category of immunotherapeutic interventions
- PD1-IDO inhibitors -looks promising in clinical models-no increase in toxicity
- for the patients without T cell infiltration in tumours: T-VEC + Pembrolizumab

T cell inflamed env-predictive biomarker
TCR technology and novel antibody -promising

Most important combinations:

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