Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Ipi 10 mg/kg vs ipi 3 mg/kg

Ipi 10 mg/kg showed benefit in overall survival vs ipi 3 mg/kg for the patients with unresectable metastatic melanoma.  At a minimum follow-up of ~43 months, median OS (primary endpoint) was 15.7 months with 10 mg/kg versus 11.5 months with ipi 3 mg/kg. Increased toxicity and no benefit in Progression Free Survival and Overall Response Rate were noticed. Presented by Paolo Ascierto (Abstract 1106O).

photo credit Imogen Cheese

Bettina's comment: 10 mg/kg was already the recommended dose (over 3 mg/kg or 0.3 mg/ kg in the first paper EVER published on Ipi (..) it just happened that the other study with the 3 mg/kg finished earlier and was therefore used for registration: *telling you how we get to the doses we use in the clinic*

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